Richland County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Daniel & Catharine (DeLong) Low/Lowe Family Records

Source: Bonnie, given to her by Velma Nelson Grossman, a granddaughter of Daniel Low/Lowe and a great granddaughter of Michael Delong.

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Confirmation Certificate. Daniel Low/Lowe/Laugh married Catharine DeLong daughter of Michael Delong/Long/d.Long and Elizabeth Zoellner/Zellner/Zaner. He must have had to be confirmed as a member of her church or was never confirmed in the first place.

Birth Certificate of Catharine DeLong is From Pennsylvania, Schuykill Co., Brunswick Township (this has been transcribed as different towns by different people). She is the daughter of Michael DeLong and Elizabeth Zoellner/Zellner/Zaner/ what looks like a Gullnerin is a "Z" in German.

These families lived in Richland and Ashland Co., Ohio.

Marriage is listed in Green Township, Ashland Co. for Daniel and Catharine Low/Lowe Jan. 14, 1844.

Elizabeth DeLong (wife of Michael) died April 8, 1839 and is buried in Byers/Shambaugh Cemetery Monroe Township.

Michael DeLong married second wife - July 1848 Sarah Hartman

These two families moved to Dale, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin.