Richland County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Everts Family Bible Records


Geo. Walter Everts born Dec. 17th A.D. 1840, Knox Co., Ohio

Emeline M. Everts, born June 26th A.D. 1843, Hancock Co., Ohio
Francis Arthur Everts, born Dec. 4th 1862, Bellville, Ohio
Emma Bell Everts, born March 3rd, 1864, Crestline, Ohio
Carrie Edna Everts, born February 2, 1867, Crestline, Ohio
Charles Dewey Everts, born October 14th 1871, Crestline, Ohio
Alma Gertrude Everts, born Oct 15th 1873, Crestline, Ohio
George Hoover Everts, born Nov 15th 1875 - 10:40 P.M.
Rezin Gilbert Everts, born Nov 15th 1875 - 11:14 P.M.
Lexington, Ohio
Egbert Everts, born Sep. 30th 1877, Doylestown, Ohio
Lee Edgar Everts, born July 20th 1875, Doylestown, Ohio
Roy Garfield Everts, born Feb. 11th 1881, Doylestown, Ohio
Infant Daughter, born March 25th 1883, Doylestown, Ohio
Bertha Elizabeth Everts, born May 9th 1887, S. Dakoka
Violet Marjorie Everts, born Apr. 4, 1901, Murphysboro, Illinois
Justin Bigelow Everts, born July 20, 1903, Murphysboro, Illinois


Geo. Walter Everts and Emeline M. Bell, married Dec 24th A.D. 1861 by J. S. Albright, Minister M.E. Church (Bellville, Ohio)
Frank Arthur Everts & Annette Gurney, married May 16th 1894 (Bellville, Ohio)
Alma Gertrude Everts & Owen E. Wheelock, married March 10, 1892, Onida, S. Dakota
Carrie Edna Everts & Andrew Watson, married June 16th, 1898 by Rev. T. Rogers, Murphysboro, Illinois
Alma Gertrude Wheelock & G. Willis Moore, married Oct 14th 1896, Hiawatha, Kansas
Charles D. Everts & Mrs. Lizzie Randall,married Feb 9th 1898, Greenville, Missouri
Roy G. Everts & Miss Gertrude M. McMahon, married July 11, 1900 (Murphysboro, Illinois)
Alma Gertrude Moore & J. W. Lawrie, married 1917
Justin Bigelow Everts & Gladys M. Dyer, married Apr. 25, 1925, Crown Point, Indiana


Emma Bell Everts died Feb 28th 1865
Egbert Everts died August 5th 1878
Lee Edgar Everts died May 10, 1880
Infant Daughter died Oct 27th 1883
Carrie E. Watson died April 26th 1899
Emeline M. Everts died Aug. 27, 1903 (Murphysboro, Illinois)
Geo. Walter Everts died May 4, 1913
Bertha E. Everts died 1914
Francis A. Everts died Oct 21, 1928 at Washington D.C.
Owen Wheelock died Sept 1894
G. Willis Moored died Nov 23, 1912
Gertrude M. Everts died July 25, 1945 (Murphysboro, Illinois)
Alma Gertrude Lawrie died April 30, 1946
Rezin Gilbert Everts died Sept. 15, 1948 (Ava, Illinois)
Roy Garfield Everts died November 26, 1950, Chicago, Illinois
George Hoover Everts died Sept. 5, 1965
Charles D. Everts died Sept. 15, 1952, Belleville, Illinois
Charlotte Elizabeth Everts died Dec. 29, 1953, wife of Charles Everts
Violet M. Everts died July 20, 1973, Chicago, Illinois
Justin Bigelow Everts died July 20, 1973, Chicago, Illinois

George Walter Everts was Civil War Soldier, serving 16th & 179th OVI.  Buried Tower Grove Cemetery, Murphysboro, Illinois with wife and other family members.


George Hoover Everts soldier in Spanish-American War.  Buried with twin brother Rezin at Ava Evergreen Cemetery, Ava, Illinois.

Emeline M. Bell was great-granddaughter of Robert Bell, founder of Bellville, Ohio.