Richland County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Klotz vs. George
(Bastardy Case)

Source: [Ohio Liberal: 20 March 1878]

From a transcript filed in the Clerk's office from the docket of J.H. Sipe, a Justice of the Peace of Jefferson Township we see that Martha A. Klotz, an unmarried woman, had a warrant issued against Flimsey George, as being the putative father of a bastard child, of which she is now pregnant. When the aforesaid Flimsey George was arraigned before said Justice, he demurred to being called "Flimsey George", but said his name was Edwin George, and Edwin was substituted for Flimsey. A trial was had on the 14th. day of March, 1878, before Justice Sipe, and after hearing the evidence in the case it was ordered by the Justice that the said Edwin enter into recognizance in the sum of five hundred dollars for his appearance at the next term of the Court of Common Pleas of Richland County to answer said complaint. The aforesaid Edward George [sic.] failed to find any one willing to go on his recognizance, Constable H.S. Mowry brought him to Mansfield, and he is now confined in jail awaiting his trial at the next term of court.