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Bastardy Cases

This listing does not represent all bastardy cases that took place in the county.

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ADAMS [Mansfield News: 16 August 1901] The bastardy case of Jessie Adams vs. John Bisel on transcript from the docket of 'Squire J.R. Richardson, has been filed in common pleas court. Miss Adams who claims that she was 15 years old last December, charged Bisel with being the father of her unborn child. At the hearing before the 'Squire Bisel was bound over to common pleas court in the sum of $300.
BARR - Harriet A. Barr vs. Chester E. Walker
BISEL - see: Jessie Adams
BRUBAKER - see: Sallie Wise
CHAMPION - see: Mary Long
CROSIER - see: Cora J. Gilkinson
DARLING [Mansfield News: 03 August 1899] In 'Squire McDermott's court, bastardy proceedings have been begun by Chloe Darling against Lloyd Darling. She charges that he is the father of her illegitimate child, born May 27. Darling was placed under arrest by Constable Winters Tuesday and was brought into court. The complainant was in court also and was examined under oath. After examination the defendant was offered the privilege of asking any questions, which he refused to do. Darling pleaded not guilty to the charge against him and was bound over to common pleas court in the sum of $500. His father, J.P. Darling went on his bond and he was released. In probate court May 27 last, a marriage license was issued to William A. Simms, of Green Township, Ashland County, and Chloe Darling, and two days later the license was returned, not having been used.
DENMAN - see: Della Newcomb
DENNIS - see: Rachel Ann McGarvey
DICK - see: Jennie Hollenbaugh
DICKERSON [Ohio Liberal: 30 October 1878] Jennie L. Dickerson, a young lady of Sharon Township, confessed before H.W. Hildebrant, on the 23d. of October, 1878, that "she did not love wisely, but too well", one Lock Devore, and she is now compelled to bring an action in bastardy against her truant lover. After said Justice heard her complaint, he required the said putative father to enter into recognizance in the sum of $600 for his appearance before the Court of Common Pleas of Richland County, on the first day of the next term thereof. Nelson Ozier and P.E. Devore are his bondsmen. T.H. Wiggins attorney for plaintiff.
DINGES [Semi-Weekly News: 05 November 1897] Elizabeth Dinges, by her attorney, M. May, has begun bastardy proceedings in common pleas court against William Foss. The case was originally brought in Squire Richardson's court.
EPLEY - Mary Epley vs. Woods Mitchell
FERGUSON - see: Hulda Offnear
GEORGE - see: Martha A. Klotz
GILKINSON - Cora J. Gilkinson vs. William F. Crosier
GRUBB - see: Naomi A. Hiskey

Anna Harter vs. Clifford Mitchell [pdf]

HARTFORD [Ohio Liberal: 18 December 1878] Julia Hartford, a minor aged seventeen years, and a niece of Dennis O'Brien, appeared before Justice Endley last Monday and filed an affidavit against said Dennis O'Brien, charging him with placing her in a state of pregnancy, and that the child to be born will be a bastard, of which he is a father. Dennis O'Brien made no defense whatever, and was bound over to the Court of Common Pleas in the sum of $400.
HILDEBRANT - see: Jennie L. Dickerson
HISKEY [Ohio Liberal: 05 February 1879] The case of Naomi A. Hiskey vs. Henry Grubb, bastardy, came up for trial in Court on Thursday of last week, M. May, Esq., appearing for the plaintiff and Richard Gailey for the defendant. The case lasted all day Thursday and on Friday morning the jury returned a verdict for the defendant. Old lawyers says that this is the second case ever tried in our county wherein the defendant was acquitted. A singular feature of the case was that another young man claims to be the father of Miss Hiskey's child, and has always wanted to marry her and says he is still willing and anxious to do so. This kind proposition Miss Hiskey declines with thanks so that as the matter stands now the child is practically fatherless unless some one else should be found who is willing to assume the pressure, as it were.
HODGES [Mansfield Herald: 22 July 1886] Papers in a suit for bastardy were filed in the clerk of the court's office last Friday, against John Moser, a farmer living in Cass township. The suit is brought by Mrs. Louise Hodges, a widow fair, fat and forty. The preliminary hearing was before T.S. Kester, J.P., June 16. Mrs. Hodges alleges that she was delivered of a child the 16th. of January 1885 and John Moser is the father of the child. The evidence adduced at the hearing was of the rich, rare and racy order and much of it unfit for publication. The woman says the child was begotten the latter part of April, previous to the birth of the child, and that Moser followed her into the barn n her place, where she had gone to feed a cow, and there the deed was committed, but the evidence did not show without consent, but as she testified, all she said was that it was not right, as he (Moser) was a married man. Moser was bound over to appear at the October term of court in the sum of $400. Both parties are well known in Cass township. Moser is a married man and has several grown children. Mrs. Hodges has been a widow several years. She, too, has a number of grown children. At the time the child was born Mrs. Hodges had a suit entered against Wm. Opdyke for breach of promise. He died before the case was to be tried. The suit against Mr. Moser has taken the people in the neighborhood by surprise.
HOLLENBAUGH - Jennie Hollenbaugh vs. Will Dick
KELLER - see: Amanda Weiser
KITHKART [Mansfield Herald: 02 May 1889] Kithkart, a school teacher residing near Perrysville, about a month ago was arrested for bastardy on an affidavit of E. Milligan. There was no grounds for the arrest and Kithkart went free. He now sues Milligan for $10,000 damages.
KLOTZ - Martha A. Klotz vs. Edwin George, 1878
LAYLAND [Semi-Weekly News: 03 December 1897] Leona Layland vs. Harry Straub. Bastardy.
LONG [Mansfield Herald: 25 March 1886] Shelby. The bastardy case of Mary Long vs. Riley Champion was up for hearing this morning before Mayor Curran, and Champion was bound over in the sum of $400. Champion tried to effect a settlement some time ago by paying her $300 but she refused it.
MAY - see: Elizabeth Dinges
McGARVEY - Rachel Ann McGarvey vs. Homer Dennis
McGEE - see: Dora Belle Walker
MITCHELL - see: Anna Harter
MITCHELL - see: Mary Epley

Lily M. Montis vs. Rudolph Winsky [pdf]

MOSER - see: Louise Hodges
MYERS - see: Maggie Parker

[Mansfield Herald: 29 July 1886]

Della Newcomb, an unmarried woman residing in Sharon Township, through her attorney, Lewis Brucker, has filed a transcript from the docket of Justice Thomas W. Curran in common pleas court; also, an affidavit charging Wm. Denman of the same township with being the father of a bastard child of which she was delivered on July 14th. She states that Denman has absconded with the intention of defrauding her and to escape the service of a warrant which was issued to J.F. Brougher, constable of Sharon township, for the arrest of Denman. It was returned, however, on July 21st. with the statement that the defendant could not be found within the State of Ohio. On July 22d. a summons and order of attachment were issued to the sheriff of Richland County as against Denman, the same to be returnable August 2d.
O'BRIEN - see: Julia Hartford
OFFNEAR - Hulda Offnear vs. Charles Ferguson
PARKER [Ohio Liberal: 31 December 1879] Maggie Parker, of Bellville, last Monday filed her affidavit with Justice Mowry of the same place, charging Thomas Myers with bastardy. Myers was arrested and had a hearing and was bound over to Common Pleas court in the sum of $500, in default of which he was placed in the county jail. Miss Parker gives her age as 32, and Parker will not be old enough to vote for four years.
SNAVELY - Altie Snavely vs. Aaron Zody [pdf]
STRAUB - see: Leona Layland
STULL - Anonymous Girl vs. Grant Stull
TALHELM - see: Rosanna Young
TALHELM - see: Rosanna Young
VALENTINE [Ohio Liberal: 20 August 1879] Catharine Valentine appeared before Justice Hunter, of Bloominggrove Township, on the 11th. day of August, and after examination made oath that she was pregnant with child which, if born alive, will be a bastard, the father of which will be Andrew Vanhorn. The defendant, on trial, was bound over to the Court of Common Pleas.
VALENTINE - see: Flora Wingert
VANHORN - see: Catharine Valentine
WALKER - Dora Belle Walker vs. Carl McGee
WALKER -- see: Harriet A. Barr
WALTERS [Mansfield Herald: 16 May 1889] Maurice Walters has been released on the charge of bastardy preferred by Flora Reed on $500 bail, to appear May 24. There will probably be a marriage before that date.
WEILL [Mansfield Herald: 04 April 1889] A special from New York has the following of interest to Mansfield readers: The Weill vs. Weill divorce case is on. Leon Weill the defendant, is a heavy-faced man of forty, with a big drooping red mustache and a closely-crooped (sic) head of red hair that stands straight up like wire. He is a drummer, and when in Sandusky, Ohio, in 1880, he made the acquaintance of fifteen-year-old Ellen M. Miller. They wrote often to each other, and met again several months later in Mansfield, Ohio. Today, she said: "I went to Mansfield and was met at the station by Mr. Weill. He kissed me, and then we went to the hotel where he was stopping. It was between ten and eleven o'clock when we got there, and we sat in the parlor talking for half or three-quarters of an hour. Then Mr. Weill asked me to go to his room. I refused, and he said that if I loved him I would go. He said he had something to tell me and that it wouldn't do to be overheard. We were all alone in the parlor at the time. He said he had written my name in the register and that if I loved him we were really man and wife. I went to his room. The witness said that she remained at the hotel with Weill four nights and three days. She looked at the register before she went away, and found that Weill had written "and wife" after his own name. Then the witness went back to her own home in Sandusky, very careful, in obedience to instructions received from Weill, to say nothing of her "marriage". The girl finally told her mother of the marriage, but said nothing of the absence of a minister at the ceremony. They traveled around a great deal, sometimes under the dangerous registration of "and lady". Occasionally it was "Mr. & Mrs. Weill" and once in awhile her name went on the hotel book as Miss Miller. In 1887 Mrs. Weill discovered a package of perfumed letters in her spouse's coat. There was a scene, the outcome of which was that Mr. Weill struck the plaintiff, declared that she had no claim upon him and vowed that he would submit to be tied down to no woman. They lived together only once after this unfortunate episode. But Mr. Weill left behind him a pledge of his affection in the shape of a fine boy, who began his career February 8th., 1888. The girl is rolling up strong evidence against the faithless drummer. Today, when recess was taken, Weill went over to Mrs. Miller, who was holding the baby, and proceeded to pet the infant. Mrs. Weill, wrought up to a high pitch of nervous excitement, fainted. Weill left the court room, and Mrs. Weill was soon herself again, although a little hysterical.
WINGERT - Flora Wingert vs. Cornelius Valentine
WEISER - Amanda Weiser vs. George W. Keller, 1878
WINSKY - see: Lily M. Montis
WISE [Ohio Liberal: 20 August 1879] The case of Sallie Wise against Samuel Brubaker for bastardy, has been entered upon the docket for trial at the next term of Common Pleas Court.
YOUNG [Mansfield Herald: 29 April 1886] Rosanna Young, a damsel who lives near Alta, of about 20 summers, has sued Joseph B. Talhelm of Washington township for bastardy. The examination was held before 'Squire H.W. Patterson Thursday afternoon, Rosanna swears her child was born January 26, 1886, and begotten April 25, 1885, and that Joseph is the father. Talhelm was bound over to appear before the next term of court in the sum of $300. He immediately started out to get a bondsman. Wolfe & Henry appeared for the plaintiff and J.P. Seward for the defendant.
YOUNG [Mansfield Herald: 03 June 1886] The bastardy case of Rosanna Young vs. George B. Talhelm has been appealed from the docket of 'Squire H.W. Patterson to the common pleas court. The plaintiff resides with her parents three miles west of the city on the Marion road. The defense sets up that Charles Gearhart is the father of Miss Young's child and that she charged Talhelm with it because she cared more for him and wanted him to marry her.
ZODY - see: Altie Snavely